Permanent Make-up

Permament Make-up


Who would not appreciate to be perfectly styled around the clock?

With permanent make-up you can fulfill your wish. Whether in business, in everyday life, during sports or in the sauna – no eyeliner or eyebrown dash blurs anymore.

Permanent make-up is the permanent drawing of eyebrows, lip contoures and/or eyeliner. On this occasion microfine colour pigments get inserted into the skin by using a special needle as in tattooing. Permanent make-up is durable for several years.



The art of “cosmetic tattoos” has its origin in Japan where people used to dot paint into the skin through a bamboo stick. Meanwhile it is possible to work very exactly with pigment devices.

If eyebrows are too short, this or bright permanent make-up is the perfect possibilty to correct this. Lips, lip contoures and eyelid line which are usually painted over with make-up we draw permanent now.


What is permanent make-up able to do?

Eyebrows appear more plenteously due to a shading or hair by hair drawing, even missing eyebrows could be drawn.

The eye can be accented by an upper lash line compaction, an eyelid line or a kajal line let the eye always look like perfectly made up.

The lip`s shape can be corrected and restored. By a full shadowing the lips appear more plastic.

Initial treatmentRefreshing within the 1st yearRefreshing after the 1st yearRefreshing after the 2nd yearRefreshing after the 3rd year
Shading400,- bis 600,-100,-150,-250,-380,-
Eyelash enhancement
Eyelash enhancement
Eyelash enhancement
above & down
Lid line down390,-100,-150,-250,-280,-
Lid line above390,-100,-150,-250,-280,-
Lid line above & down490,-100,-150,-250,-380,-
Lip contour450,-130,-230,-330,-500,-
Lip contour and full shading 600,-180,-280,-380,-600,-