Permanent Hair Removal

by IPL (no Laser)

Highy Energetic Pulsed Light Brings Success!

The highly energetic flashlamp generates short but intense light light pulses of different wavelenghts (Laser: Only one wavelenght) which leads to a selective obliteration of the hair roots during the growth phase.















IPL Treatments
Upper lip/ladies beardfrom 49,-
Chin areafrom 59,-
Armpitsfrom 79,-
Bikini areafrom 89,-
Lower legs (both)from 169,-
Legs (complete)from 319,-
Backfrom 239,-
Chest (men)from 149,-
Further treatments
Treatment of CouperosisOn demand
Acne treatmentsOn demand
Skin rejuvenationOn demand
Treatment of frecklessOn demand
Treatment of SeborrheaOn demand