Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal

by IPL (no Laser)

Highy Energetic Pulsed Light Brings Success!

The highly energetic flashlamp generates short but intense light light pulses of different wavelenghts (Laser: Only one wavelenght) which leads to a selective obliteration of the hair roots during the growth phase.















IPL Treatments
Upper lip/ladies beardfrom 49,-
Chin areafrom 59,-
Armpitsfrom 79,-
Bikini areafrom 89,-
Lower legs (both)from 169,-
Legs (complete)from 319,-
Backfrom 239,-
Chest (men)from 149,-
Further treatments
Treatment of CouperosisOn demand
Acne treatmentsOn demand
Skin rejuvenationOn demand
Treatment of frecklessOn demand
Treatment of SeborrheaOn demand