Unwind, pause for a moment and forget the daily routine …

Hamam – experience something special

Hamam – a special experience

Wholistic well-being needs a special atmosphere. For the relaxtion of all senses it is essential to feel fine around. In our day spa you can relax your soul and enjoy to get cared and spoiled in a pleasant atmosphere.

Wellness – a lifestyle that leeds to health and happiness. We arranged a variety of treatments which can be customized individual to the needs and wishes of each client. So you can choose from a Little treatment during the lunch break up to a all-day indulgence programme.


What exactly is a Hamam?

The hamam has ist origin  in the eastern area and is much more than only a cleaning of the body. At the foreground is the recreation and the wellness. The arabic word “Hamam” means freely interpreted  “to warm”, whereby the Hamam is more a place of sociability but also a place of stillness. In contrast to the sauna with temperatures up to 100°C the Hamam only has 30 – 40°.

With the soothing warmth and dimmed lighting your everyday stress will be washed away with lots of water and foam. The conjunction of moisture, fragrances, warmth, touches and lather result in a complete artwork following centuries-old traditions of the Orient.


The unique cleaning effect of a Hamam treatment with the “Kese” Peeling glove

Again and again we see how amazed our clients react about the effect for their skin after only a single stay in the Hamam. It is hard to believe what comes off from the skin, eben if you take a daily shower. Especially when you always put some lotion after showering it gradually occurs a film which cannot removed by “normal” showering. Fumes, office air and house dust are doing the rest.

After the treatment the skin is able to breath free again what is very important for your general condition. You skin will be smooth and as soft as a baby`s bottom.

Hamam treatments

Aladin- Stay in the Hamam
- Soap foam washing or peeling (without massage)
- Spice tea
Orient- Stay in the Hamam
- Soap foam washing
- Body peeling with the "Kese" peeling glove (without massage)
- Spice tea
Yasemine- Stay in the Hamam
- Soap foam washing
- Body peeling with the "Kese" peeling glove
- Back massage (15 min.)
- Spice tea
Pascha- Stay in the Hamam
- Soap foam washing
- Body peeling with the "Kese" Peeling glove
- Massage (30 min.)
- Spice tea
1001 Night- Stay in the Hamam
- Soap foam washing
- Body peeling with the "Kese" peeling glove
- Full body massage (45 min.)
- Spice tea
Pampering programme "Hamam & Sea Salt"- Welcome with a bottle of Prosecco
- Stay in the Hamam
- Valuable full body sea salt/oil peeling
Choose from 5 sorts:
mango-peach, lemongrass, vanilla, coconut or grapefruit.

- Stay in the relaxation room or on the terrace
- Aromatic oil massage (20 min.)
Total relaxation package- Full body peeling "Hamam + Sea Salt"
- Full body massage (ca. 45 min.)
- Beauty facial treatment (ca. 60 min.)
Die Gesamt-Aufenthaltsdauer beträgt je nach Behandlungsprogramm 2 - 3,5 Std.


What shall I bring?

  • Flip-flops
  • Bath towel
  • Bath rope


For a little fee you also can loan flip-flops (€ 3,-) and towels (€ 3,-). Showers and hair dryers are at your disposition – just ask our staff.

Please note that our lockers only have the size of 30 x 83 x 50 cm (width x height x depth). Therefore, it is recommended not to bring an oversized bag.

Incidentally we do not wash your hair after the hamam uses but you can do this smoothly in on eof our two showers in the Hamam area.

At this point again the note regarding our woman`s days:

The refer to the Hamam area. It is guaranteed that you won`t meet any male person there. Certainly this could happen at the reception as gentlemen could buy vouchers or make an appointment.